Pre Loader

Technical Specifications

Scope of ApplicationTrapezoidal, Sinusoidal and Standing Seam
Fixing type1.Self Tapping Screws

2.Pop Rivet

Type and orientation1.Parallel to Crest or Seam

2.Perpendicular to Crest or Seam

Technical specifications1.Clearance to roof 40mm

2.As per IS875-3

Materials1.PosMAC – Magnesium Aluminum Alloy Coating (156 g/m2)


  • Design is supportive to roof and its types
  • Ease to fix enables rapid lead time
  • Design with live load stress.
  • Deflection checked with windspeed as per IS875 part 3 Code.
  • High quality engineered profile made of PosMAC material
  • Uniform load distribution on available roof
  • Provide workers with a stable, non-slip surface


  • Walkway installed above sheet using support frame, recommended self tapping screws and rivets.
  • Suitable to be used on GI Roofs having profile of trapezoidal, sinusoidal and Standing Seam.
  • Fabricated structure allows simple and quick fixing.
  • Simple design to optimize the area available at the roof.
  • Stable surface from which to work that minimizes the risk of falls and injuries
  • Meet all Safety standards and Aesthetic installation
  • It easy to move them, whenever and wherever needed
  • Designed through STAAD method
  • Widely used for any type of GI roofs.
  • Minimum water stagnation, prevent accidental damage to the roof
  • Require very little maintenance

Main Component

  • Walkway – Standard Length
  • Support
  • Joiner Plate


  • Self tapping Screws
  • Closed End Blind Pop Rivet
  • Rubber Pad