Pre Loader

Technical Specifications

Scope of ApplicationNormal RCC Roof, Also with Waterproofing of  Brick back Coba and China Mosaic.
Fixing type1.Grade M20 Concrete for Dead weight with Nitobond

2.SS fasteners for Modules

Module Type and orientationFramed modules and Landscape
Technical specifications1.Clearance to roof 150mm

2.As per IS875-3

Materials1.PosMAC – Magnesium Aluminum Alloy Coating (156 g/m2)


  • Design is supportive to modules
  • Simple in Installation, 2persons can install upto 2kWp capacity per hour
  • Design with stability and with windspeed as per IS875 part 3 Code
  • Validation through STAAD analysis allow suitability for all regions
  • With optimum tilt between 5 to 20 degree for higher power generation
  • High quality engineered profile made of PosMAC material
  • Enables 20% higher plant capacity on available roof


  • Solar Panels installed above leg frame using recommended end clamps and fasteners.
  • Suitable to be used on Normal RCC roofs, Also, the roofs having waterproofing layer with slope or without slope.
  • Fabricated structure allows simple and quick fixing.
  • Standard tilt angle maintained to optimize the generation
  • Safe and Aesthetic installation
  • Ease to disassemble and relocate
  • Structure designed through STAAD method
  • Landscape module orientation
  • Widely used for any specification modules
  • Having standard clearance from sheet top as per Module OEM
  • Suitable for RCC roof with low height parapet wall and obstructions

Main Component

  • Front Leg
  • Rear Leg
  • U-type Support
  • Civil Block of Grade M20


  • Fasteners For Module
  • Nitobond – EP