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PVfix has an entire portfolio of the solar module mounting structures available for the variety of roof types that we see in India; be it a metal roof or RCC roof. The structure designs are refined over the period after extensive trials. As a result, now, we have an excellent product line that could solve common challenges faced by small as well as a large solar EPC player.

PVFix maintains a stock of our some of fast moving products so that we serve our clients within a week along with the engineering design validation. At PVFix all our structures are validated by third party agencies some of our designs have pending for patents. We also offer installation support, layout design support on-site pull out tests.

Our Products

Metal Roof

RCC Roof


  • Optimized for cost effectiveness.
  • No corner clamping, design is supportive to modules.
  • Ease of Installation.
  • Aerodynamic design with stability.
  • Validated through physical testing and FEA analysis.
  • Suitable for coastal regions.
  • High quality engineered profiles of Slandered Material Grades.
  • Design for wind speed as per IS875 part 3 Code.

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